Our Commitment

We are very committed to ensuring all of our customers are completely satisfied with all products and services that we provide. Living by this principal we will do everything in our power to see that this happens. Pride Custom Coatings only operates on “good-faith” principles.

Vortex bed-liners

Upon completion of your bed-liner, Pride Custom Coatings will issue to the original purchaser, a lifetime warranty certificate that will be honored for as long as you own the vehicle to which the certificate was written. This certificate grants the original purchaser a lifetime warranty against peeling, lifting, and cracking. Ultraviolet exposure will cause Vortex liners to fade over time unless it is coated with Vortex UV Topcoat. This is not unique to this product and will happen with all major brands. Any damages to the truck liner other than “normal wear and tear” can be easily repaired, at a low cost to the owner. Due to the conditions of some vehicles, some vehicles may not be warranted. This will be specified prior to any work being done.

Granitex Floor Coatings

As all custom floor applications are uniquely different we will warranty these products on a case by case basis. This will depend on stability and condition of the floor prior to the new application. This will be defined prior to any work being performed and written into the work order as appropriate .