Vortex is a two component blend of Polyurethane and Polyuera, combining to form the industries toughest and most versatile spray on coating. This product adds a great deal of strength to any of the multiple surfaces it can be applied too. It is an extremely high impact material, impact resistant up to 52,000+ psi. Vortex forms a chemical bond with virtually any surface and in doing so instantly creates a waterproof environment. It applies a great looking and easy to clean seamless finish. We offer you a range of colors that can be changed within minutes. This means you can have multiple colors applied to your surface. You could even have custom designs and logos sprayed on as part of your surface. This will not be offered to you from our competitors because this is unique to the Vortex Spray on System. We also offer you the option to anti-slip your surface with a fine or heavy coarse grip coating to suit your needs. This is great for slippery surfaces like stairs and wet areas. In the unlikely event of damage the material will bond to itself even after many years of industrial wear making it great for repairs and maintenance. This coating has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and offers excellent insulating and soundproofing qualities.

Vortex is the industry’s only truly portable spray on coating system. Portability is a unique component in the spray on coating industry. The application pressure is between 8-9 psi, this means less over pray, approximately 3% compared to an industry 20-27%.