Granitex sets the standard in surface coatings with a patented blend of urethane and aliphatic urethanes to create a high impact protective surface coating.  The baked-on flooring system allows you to create stunning garage floors that resist hot tire damage, are highly UV stable, incredibly stain resistant, and extremely impact resistant.  This unique flooring system is ideal for both commercial and residential applications. The Granitex baked-on floor glazes should not be confused with the typical 2-part epoxy paints common in retail paint stores.  The patent pending glazes are heated within our flooring machine so that when applied to a floor, the glazes provide a penetrating, long lasting, durable surface. This surface is tough enough for warehouse floor applications as well as residential garage floor resurfacing.

• 20 times stronger than 2-Part Epoxy Garage Floor Paints and Enamels
• Durable enough for High Impact Industrial Grade Use
• An Almost Unlimited Number of colors and Chip Combinations
• Unlike Epoxy Paints and Coatings, Granitex Glazes are Extremely UV Stable
• Unique System is Backed by Over 50 years of Coatings Industry Research and Development